What are the Strut Jack holes for?

sj-holesWe get asked this question frequently - When you use the Strut Jack on a strut with the baseplate attached, you can clearly see that the large holes on the Strut Jack lower bracket don't line up with any holes on the strut... that is until you replace the baseplate with the Spike Foot and pin everything together with a standard steel base pin.

So that begs the question, when would you use the Strut Jack on a Strut with the Spike Foot attached?



Some scenarios include:

  1. If a vehicle ends up on top of another vehicle or tangled up with a "K" rail, you may not have a clear way of stabilizing against the ground. In this case, you may be able to use a Strut with a Spike Foot and stabilize against the lower object by bracing the spike foot against a piece of framing or cross bar. The Strut Jack can then be used to extend the strut or as a manual 8,000 lb ram.
  2. In machinery rescue, the spike foot can securely nestle into a hole, notch, square bar or cross rail and the Strut Jack can be used to precisely crib behind a rescue tool. It can also be used as a manual ram in tight or high areas that a hydraulic tool can't access or reach.
  3. Underwater rescue, Confined space or hazmat conditions where hydraulic rams or tools are unable to access or unsafe to use. Whenever you need to push something that is out of reach of your hydraulic rams. Remember that a long strut can reach out 8 1/2 feet. The O-Plate™ provides an excellent spot to push from in situations where you need to spread the force or bridge a gap.