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Seconds save. Minutes kill. The Ripper is a critical life-saving tool necessary for all first-responders! Laminated glass is now required by law in side windows for most newly manufactured vehicles in the United States. Is your department ready for the changes? Will you be prepared to save a life?

The Ripper is the solution to many of the rescue issues caused by FMVSS 226, which now requires most newly manufactured vehicles to have laminated glass side windows. How will you save a child trapped inside of hot car; a driver in cardiac arrest; a passenger trapped inside a burning vehicle; or apprehend a non-compliant suspect? Watch our video to find out!

Your Department Needs The Ripper

Effective September 1, 2018, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 226 (FMVSS 226) established requirements for ejection mitigation systems to reduce the likelihood of complete and partial occupant ejections through side windows during rollover or side impact events. The standard applies to all passenger cars, multipurpose vehicles, trucks and buses with a GVWR of 4,536 kg or less.

This change is expected to add 17 million new vehicles per year to America’s roadways with laminated glass side windows. Punches will not shatter laminated glass. Laminated glass must be CUT.

A second issue related to patient safety when removing laminated glass requires the use of non-intrusive blade systems on side windows to avoid striking patients or uncooperative suspects while removing the laminated glass.

The Ripper

  • FAST : Cuts laminated glass to rescue a
    patient, remove the window, or to unlock a vehicle door in less than TEN SECONDS!
  • SAFE : Piercing tip penetrates only about an inch allowing rescuers to operate entirely within the “Safe Cut Zone”
  • EFFICIENT : Offers a 360˚ swivel for left or right hand users. Has an attached Resqme® window punch, seat belt and ejection mitigation curtain cutter
  • VERSATILE : Interfaces with popular model impact drivers including Milwaukee®, DeWalt®,  and Makita®
  • Uses impact drivers for more power and durability
  • No proprietary batteries—uses the same batteries you may already own
  • Blade teeth for emergency backup manual cutting
  • Color: Blaze Orange so it does not look like a firearm
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Cost effective

Buy The Ripper as a Kit or Bare Glass Cutter Tool


All Kits Contain: The Ripper™ Laminated Glass Cutter, Impact Driver, 2 Batteries, Fast Charger, Tool Kit, Owner’s Manual and Soft Carry Bag 

Milwaukee® 12 Volt 2553-22 (with 2.0Ah Batteries)

Milwaukee® 18 Volt 2853-22 (with 5.0Ah Batteries)

Makita® 18 Volt XDT16 (with 2.0Ah Batteries)

DeWalt 20 Volt DCF887D2 (with 2.0Ah Batteries)

The Ripper™ (Bare Cutter Tool) Interfacing with:

Milwaukee® 12 Volt 2553-20

Milwaukee® 18 Volt 2853-20

Makita® 18 Volt XDT16

Dewalt® 20 Volt DCF887


Interface Cones (only) for the same models listed above in Bare Cutter Tools

Cutting blades sets

Retention straps

Resqme® glass punch and seat belt cutter

LED flashlight

Soft Carry Bag

How to Buy

  • Available exclusively through authorized distributors
  • Contact a dealer to find a distributor in your area
  • Distributors will give pricing and a complete list of Ripper™ models

  • Interface cone system can be swapped out if you change impact driver tools in the future, reducing replacement costs
  • Blaze orange: does not look like a handgun
  • Integrated resqme® glass punch and seatbelt cutter
  • Integrated LED light
  • Glass piercing blade tips – no hole-punching tools required
  • Cuts glass manually as well - blade design enables “can-opener+ style operation
Interface cone system can be swapped out
  • Fire and Rescue Extrication
  • Law Enforcement vehicle entry: for both emergency and apprehension needs
  • Windshield glass cutting and management
  • Side window laminated glass cutting and management
  • Side, sun and rear window tempered or safety glass punching and management
  • Seat belt cutting
  • Left or Right handed, any angle or orientation
  • All weather
  • Blade lifespan: >100 windshields
  • Maximum glass thickness – 3/8” (99.999% of all vehicles)
  • Cutting speed: up to 7.2”/second
  • Blade strokes/minute: up to 3,600
  • Lithium Ion battery systems supported: open market-sourced 12V - 20V; 2.0 to 5.0Ah