Spring Cleaning your Rescue Struts

Winter conditions can be rough on extrication equipment and spring is the perfect time to get your gear ready for the busy summer travel season ahead. We'll walk you though inspecting and cleaning your stabilization gear to keep it in tip-top shape!

TeleCrib Strut: Start by laying all of your gear out on a tarp and make sure none of the kit components are missing. First, take the strut tubes apart- slide tubes out through the bottom of each tube. Inspect each tube for deep gouges, cracks, or road grit. Check that all white and blue tube spring buttons are functioning properly. Replace any that are bent or loose (replacement kits are available free of charge). Wash the tubes with soap and water and lubricate with WD-40 or car wax. There is little to no corrosion expected with composite tubes, but the lubrication will allow the tubes to more easily slide against each other.

Steel Parts: Inspect all steel bases, heads, pins, O-Plates, and Shark Step Chocks for missing paint and corrosion. If any is found, scrub off rust with a wire brush and repaint with a rust inhibitor like RustOleum. Lubricate any moving parts.

Straps: Unroll straps and check them for tears, snags, fraying, mold or obvious chemical exposure. Also inspect, clean and oil ratchet mechanism. Wash straps with a gentle cleanser like Simple Green and dry thoroughly out of direct sunlight before properly wrapping and storing. Replace straps that are excessively damaged.

For guidance, please watch the "Strut Assembly" chapter of our DVD or reference your owners manual (download TeleCrib Owners Manual.pdf). If you have any questions or need replacement parts, please contact your local TeleCrib Dealer or Rescue 42 directly at (888) 427-3728 or by e-mail at Sales@rescue42.com.