Rescue Struts: How they are Manufactured Matters


You, your team of rescuers, and the victims you are tending to rely on the rescue struts you are using during extrication processes to be extremely strong and to hold up under any conditions. Your team also needs for them to be lightweight and easy to use so they can be taken to the scene and set up quickly and efficiently. Not every strut on the market can live up to those expectations. When it comes to emergency response, how the tools in your kit are manufactured truly matters.

You Need Struts that Are Stronger than Steel

Is it possible for a telescoping stabilization tool to be lighter than steel yet four times stronger? Absolutely. The most advanced rescue struts available today — like TeleCrib® struts from Rescue 42 — are crafted with a unique composite material. Made of many layers of super fibers, including DuPont™ Kevlar®, that are combined in a pultrusion process, the resulting struts combine low weight with incredibly high strength. TeleCrib® struts have an 18,000 lb. working load, as opposed to just 4,000 lbs. for steel struts. This allows them to provide greater safety and stability in any rescue scenario.

However, strength isn’t the only characteristic you should be looking for. Rescue struts manufactured in this way are highly resistant to environmental conditions and chemical corrosion. They are coated with an epoxy matrix that does not conduct electricity, and they are very impact resistant. In the case of Rescue 42 struts, if you need for the units to be involved in lifting operations, a removable Strut Jack works with the strut, turning it into an 8,000 lb. ram. And when an emergency response is concluded, you want a strut that is designed to be highly compact for storage.

How Do Your Struts Rate?

Needless to say, rescue struts are some of the most critically important tools you carry, and something you should never skimp on. Your safety, and the safety of those you are assisting, depends on a strut doing its job without fail. Do you have full confidence in your current struts? Contact us today at (888) 427-3728 or email to learn more about the many advantages of the TeleCrib® strut.