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TeleCrib® Junior – Full Length Training Video

TeleCrib® Junior: All-in-One Strut

Rescue 42 DVD: Introduction

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Chapter 1 – Need for Stabilization

Chapter 2: Proper Stabilization

Chapter 3: Strut Evolution

Chapter 4: Strut Assembly

Chapter 5: Ratchet Straps

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Chapter 6: Basic Strut Operation

Chapter 7: Anchoring the Strut Head

Chapter 8: Chain Basics

Chapter 9: Anchoring the Strut Base

Chapter 10: Application – Car on Wheels

Chapter 11: Application – Car on Side

Chapter 12: Application Car on Roof

Chapter 13: Application – Stacked Cars

Chapter 14: Strut Jack

Chapter 15: Tripod Head


The Shark – Collapsible Step Cribbing

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