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CRD™ for FirstNet®, Built with AT&T

The CRD™ for FirstNet® is an AT&T FirstNet deployable cell tower. It generates an area of FirstNet Cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, virtually anytime and anywhere. Your very own Cell-On-Wheels (COW) can be deployed by a single person, within minutes, wherever needed!

A Compact Rapid Deployable for FirstNet® Users
  • FirstNet cellular range up to 2 miles
  • Wi-Fi range up to 500’
  • High-speed satellite internet
  • FirstNet Ready™ router
  • 60-hour generator run time before refueling
  • Single person set up in less than 15 minutes
  • Rolls through standard ADA doorways
  • Weatherproof and NEMA 4 compliant
  • Deliverable by SUV, truck, or trailer

CRD™ Specifications

Available to purchase on the following AT&T Contracts:


NPPGov Master AGID: 9145742

Sourcewell: 080119-ATT

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