I was on the first arriving unit and I was tasked with setting up the tele-cribs and stabilizing the car (I guess all of those demos that I have done the last few years paid off). Upon our arrival, we had three by-standards that had stopped when the accident happened holding up the rear of the truck while our paramedics starting assessing the people trapped inside the vehicle. Within two minutes, I had the struts in place and extrication started immediately afterwards.

This was the first time my department has gotten the opportunity to use this system on an actual accident and the members on my department were absolutely amazed at what was accomplished with this system. The terrain we were on was rough and very wet/soft so that added to the challenge of this rescue.

Thanks again for the great product. It is wonderful to be able to sell this product and know how effective it can be in a rescue situation.

Richard Browne
Finley Fire Equipment

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