Pageland, SC – August 31, 2015

On August 31 of 2015, the Pageland Rescue Squad, First Health EMS and High Point Fire District responded to a report of a vehicle crash at the intersection of Highway 9 and Boyd Evans Rd in Pageland, South Carolina.

First Responding personnel found that a tractor trailer had struck a Ford Focus on the passenger side. The car rolled onto the passenger side and became wedged against the side of the truck. The driver of the car was trapped.

Knowing that the roof of the car would need to be removed Rescue Squad personnel placed struts to prevent the car from rolling further. The driver and the First Health Paramedic caring for him were covered with thick blankets to protect them from glass and

jagged metal. Rescuers then used the “Jaws Of Life” rescue system to remove the roof. Once the roof was removed the driver was pulled free of the wreckage.

First Health EMS Paramedics treated and transported the driver to CHS Union in Monroe NC. The driver did not survive. The driver of the truck was not injured. The crash appears to have been caused with the Ford Focus traveling on Boyd Evans Rd. pulled out into Highway 9 in front of the tractor trailer. Highway 9 remained closed for several hours to allow the SC Highway Patrol to investigate the crash and allow the wrecker company to remove the vehicles from the road.

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