At about 7:25 am, a double trailer truck hauling gasoline and diesel flipped over on the HWY 99, Skyway onramp. The truck came to rest, on its top, less than 30 feet from where a fuel tanker overturned onto its side March 26. The driver was able to get out of the flipped cab on his own and sustained very minor injuries.

Because the truck was fully loaded with 5,600 gallons of gasoline in its main tank, and had flipped onto its top, it presented a huge challenge for hazmat crews and firefighters.

Firefighters grounded the truck and trailer to prevent potential explosions from static electricity, then performed the delicate drilling operations. Devices called “stingers” were then inserted in six holes to begin draining the fuel and transferring it to another tanker. The TeleCrib struts were placed on the tank to help stabalize it during the operation.

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