Madison Fire Department – Madison, Mn.

On Saturday 12/17/05 two days after receiving training and placing in service our new Rescue42 Struts, the Madison Fire Department was called to assist Skowhegan and Cornville Fire with an unstable vehicle. The vehicle had overturned and came to rest on a culvert. The rear of the vehicle was hanging with no support. The patient’s head was sticking out the rear window and there was approximately 8 inches of space.

The struts were placed to stabilize the vehicle before the C-Posts could be cut. The C-Posts were cut and Spreaders were used to open the gap in the rear window. The car was lifted about 4 inches with the Rescue42 struts. The patient was removed and transported to a local hospital. Although the injuries were minor, if the car had shifted in any way the end result could have been tragic.

Jody Lightbody
Deputy Chief

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