On Saturday March 1st at approx. 15:20 pm we responded to a motor vehicle accicent on us route 81. I was the first officer on the scene and reported to our incoming units that we had a single vehicle rollover with injuries, vehicle on its side up against a tree.

We recently purchased 4 Rescue 42 struts from Churchville Fire Equipment last winter. We only have done some training in our local junk yard, and a few times at non serious accidents. This is the first time we used them in a very tricky rescue. I have sent you a few pictures of the accident and our firefighters in action.

Your struts work awesome and we are very glad that we have them in our rescue tools arsonal. If you would like to use the pictures, you are welcome to. Just wanted to give you a heads up on how rescue 42 Jacks work, they are worth every penny.

Brian S Berkey
Assist. Chief

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