Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue, B Shift – Motorcycle vs a full size van.

Two trauma alerts. Both patients were flown to Bay Front Medical Center in St. Pete.

The call was dispatched as a motorcycle vs a van with a person trapped under the van. E-211 and Battalion Two arrived and confirmed that a person was completely under the van and there was a total of two patients. E-221 arrived for assistance. The spreaders were used from both E-221 and E-211 to lift the vehicle in the rear at the bumper area. The patient was located just in front of the rear pumpkin. The patient was a larger female lying face down with her head up against the rear tire. The patient was being impaled by the bracket that supports the left driver’s side rear shock. There was no easy way of removing her with the exception of lifting the van as high as we could possibly do it safely.

While the vehicle was being lifted with the spreaders, on scene crews utilized the Rescue 42 struts to stabilize the vehicle during the lift. On scene crews also utilized our; step chocks, cribbing and the R-42 folding Sharks to aid in vehicle stabilization. The patient was successfully removed and transported to the landing zone.

On duty crews did an outstanding job. It was a call that you had to think it out before you reacted.

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