Highway 63 Rescue responded to a two vehicle collision. Upon first arrival Bravo crew surveyed the scene to find a small car with extensive front end damage in the ditch. The second vehicle, a small pickup which sustained a side impact on the passenger side came to rest on its side in the lane way.

The long Rescue 42 strut was utilized to give the stabilization to the pickup on the side. Crews then went to work on the car in the ditch, a small Shark easily accomplished stabilization. The Amkus spreaders were used to remove the driver door at the latch. Large Amkus cutter cut through the hinges to perform a total door removal. The cutters were used to cut the section between the top of the dash and the roof. The Medium Amkus ram was put in the door frame of the driver side to expose the patient. When the dash roll was complete patient removal was possible. The patient was air lifted to the hospital in critical condition. The pickup windshield was cut out to remove the patient who had sustained fatal injuries.

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