Dixon & Winters Fire Department, Winters CA

The car came off the Interstate, flew over the road that goes under the Interstate and ended up against this tree, which stopped it from going into the creek. This accident took place in our District, which has a longer than usual response time, due to our request for the Winters Fire Department to respond with one engine for assistance since this call was less than 2 miles from their station.

Our initial engine on scene secured the vehicle to the tree with a chain to keep it from falling. Upon the arrival of Winters Fire Department, we had them set up their Rescue 42 system to completely secure the car.

At that time the patient was removed from the vehicle and transported to a local hospital. The set up was very fast and simple. This was the one accident that prompted us to buy our own set.

Departments involved: Dixon FD and Winters FD
Location: Putah Creek Road under Interstate 505
~ John D. Jurado, Firefighter

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