ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta fire officials say two people were injured when a truck crashed into a railway bridge in northwest Atlanta on Tuesday morning, causing a huge chunk of concrete to fall onto the truck and another car below. It happened at a bridge that hangs over Bolton Road just after 9 a.m.

Authorities say a 13-foot high truck was trying to clear the bridge, which is only 13 feet, 5 inches high, when the accident happened. FOX 5’s Darryl Carver reports the 10-wheel truck had a hydraulic lift attached to the back of it, and that’s what hit the bridge.

The impact caused a 25-foot section of the bridge, at least 12 inches thick, to collapse on the south side and onto the truck, trapping the driver. Firefighters say it took nearly an hour to remove the driver from the smashed truck.

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