Banning, CA – July 13, 2015

Morongo Fire Dept. responded to a call of a big rig traffic collision and came to the scene of a duel trailer rock truck.
The trailer rock truck had hit a stalled vehicle on the side of the road then lost control and flipped over sideways where the cab of the truck was upside down into a cemented water way. The driver of the truck was pinned inside the cab where his legs were trapped under the steering wheel. The fire dept. quickly went to work and secured the trailer with heavy duty chain to the rear of the cab as to prevent further slipping down the embankment. Next they deployed the rescue 42 struts under the front of the cab to securely lock the cab which enabled them to extricate the victim. They were able to quickly, safely, and effectively stabilize the vehicle so all personnel, including the firefighter, could focus on the patient and the extrication.

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