Houston (Alaska) Fire Department is a strong believer in Rescue 42 stabilization equipment. Enclosed are some photos of a recent call we were on, in which we deployed Rescue 42s to stabilize a very unstable pickup.

Call History — HFD was dispatched to a 2 vehicle MVA with no injuries and no entrapment. Houston Police Department was already on location and requested HFD respond to assist with scene support and traffic control (our Police Department had only one officer on duty at the time). On arrival, and immediately after the rescue truck was parked, a vehicle came over the hill and lost control, narrowly missing two firefighters, one police officer, a tow truck driver and the 2 occupants of the vehicles.

All had been standing at the exact place where the out-of-control pickup crashed into the Uhaul trailer. Rescue 42s were used to stabilize the orange pickup. The windshield was cut which allowed the uninjured but entrapped person to walk away from his accident.

Rescue 42s made this rescue possible.

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