Communications: Anytime, Anywhere

The PodRunner® by Rescue 42 is a new way to store and transport essential communication and emergency response equipment. The scissor lift cart pulls like a wagon, then easily mounts onto any 2" trailer hitch. Once mounted, the wheels pull up making it ride like a cargo carrier. One person can easily move an entire Command Post or Pumping System from storage, to vehicle, to deployment site without lifting any weight and without modifying their vehicle.

Rescue 42 manufactures the PodRunner® in the USA

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The Star-Runner™ provides short and long term internet and cellular connectivity virtually anywhere, delivered on a highly mobile platform. Perfect for disaster response and First Net applications.

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The Command-Runner™ provides a customizable, mobile platform for command, communications, data and incident management. The secure, weather resistant enclosure can be configured with radios, VoIP, Wi-Fi, computers, monitors, cameras, printers, drawers and charging ports to support nearly any type of field operation.

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PodRunner by Rescue 42

PodRunner® is Patents Pending