O-Plate™ Junior

Stabilization and Support

The  O-Plate™ Junior is a multipurpose Extrication tool that gives modern-day rescuers more tools for dealing with today's complex rescue environment.

You will probably use the O-Plates™ Junior most frequently in vehicle extrication, where they will help make dash rolls quicker and safer.

The O-Plate™ Junior

  • O-Plate™ Junior Rescue Tool (OJR): Is most appropriate for vehicle extrication stabilization and hydraulic tool support

  • Carry one-handed like a suitcase
  • Works with ALL brands of Rams or Jacks
  • Protects against rocker panel collapse
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Rocker Panel Ram Support
  • Hydraulic Tools Support
  • Wheel Pull/Edge Protector
  • Wheel Traction for Winching
  • Lift Jack Extender or Base

There are no accessories for the O-Plate Junior.

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OJR • Weight: 25 lbs.

  • 23" L x 8" W x 6" H
  • Rated pulling strength: 8,000 lbs.
  • Ram capture pocket
  • 3:1 safety factor