Rescue 42 Receives Innovation Award from Public Safety Broadband Technology Association

 February 28, 2022


CHICO, CA – Rescue 42 Inc. announced today that they have been awarded the Andrew Seybold Award for Technology Innovation by the Public Safety Broadband Technology Association (PSBTA). The award was announced on February 22, 2022, at the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration for FirstNet, hosted by the PSBTA, the Public Safety Spectrum Alliance (PSSA), and All Things FirstNet in Washington D.C. FirstNet is the only nationwide wireless broadband communications network dedicated to first responders and the public safety community. The exclusive network was created in 2012 and built-out by a partnership between the First Responder Network Authority and AT&T.

Rescue 42 manufactures the CRD (Compact Rapid Deployable) for FirstNet, an AT&T FirstNet mobile cell tower. The CRD can generate an area of FirstNet Cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, virtually anytime and anywhere. Agency-owned Cell-On-Wheels (COWs) can be deployed by a single person within minutes — with no lifting required. The CRD is offered at an affordable price point, allowing agencies to instantly expand upon their communication capabilities, even in severely remote or congested areas.

“What a game changer the CRD is, tactically, not having to wait to get [another] deployable on-scene,” said Chief Kim Zagaris, of Western Fire Chiefs Association. “The quicker and faster you can get communication resources on-scene, the better.”

“Our team is honored to receive the Technology Innovation Award from the PSBTA,” said Tim O’Connell, CEO and CTO of Rescue 42. “The CRD technology has been a huge paradigm shift for public safety and AT&T, by providing the opportunity for agencies to own and deploy their very own FirstNet Band-14 cell tower. Our primary mission will always be the safety of first responders, and we plan to continue developing innovations to further this goal.”


Rescue 42 has been the industry leader in Fire and Rescue for over 26 years and with the introduction of the FirstNet® CRD, they are now the front-runner in communication technology for all public safety sectors. Headquartered in Chico, California, all of Rescue 42’s products are manufactured exclusively in the USA, and they maintain loyal customers worldwide.

Tim O’Connell, CTO, CEO, and Inventor, has been a firefighter for over 38 years and previously served as a Nuclear Engineer on a fast attack nuclear submarine. The safety of first responders continues to be the leading priority for Tim and Rescue 42, whose forward-thinking company and technical innovations continue to bolster public safety.

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