PodRunner® Videos

PodRunner® – How it Works

Watch our video to see how easy it is to load and unload up to 600 LBS on a 2″ trailer hitch.

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PodRunner® Command-Runner

The PodRunner® Command-Runner™ is a perfect platform for mobilizing equipment for use in the field. Built off of our Workstations, they are a cost effective and highly mobile alternative to large, expensive trailers or dedicated SUV and Truck inserts.

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PodRunner® Star-Runner

The PodRunner® Star-Runner™ provides short and long term internet and cellular connectivity virtually anywhere, delivered on a highly portable platform. 

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PodRunner® Pump-Runner

The PodRunner® Pump-Runner™ enables first responders to draft from hard to access water sources to fill engines or water tenders/tankers in minutes. It turns swimming pool, ponds or canals into essential water support, and aids where pressurized hydrants have been disabled due to wildfire or natural disaster. The Pump-Runner™ becomes an excellent resource for de-watering flooded buildings and underground vaults by upgrading to the 300 GPM trash pump.

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PodRunner® RFW-Runner (Retardant • Foam • Water)

The PodRunner® RFW is specifically designed to assist with the pretreatment of utility poles and structures with fire retardant. Then with the twist of a valve, it easily switches over to foam/water to put out hot spots after a fire front has passed.

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