For FirstNet®

miniCRD™ for FirstNet®, Built with AT&T

Create your own FirstNet Band 14 Cellular and Wi-Fi hotspot, even in the most remote environments. 

The miniCRD™ is a highly portable FirstNet Deployable System contained in two ruggedized cases. It generates an area of FirstNet cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, when and where it’s needed. 

This system includes the miniCRD™ and the SLC+™. The High-Performance Starlink® satellite system in the SLC+ provides satellite backhaul to the miniCRD. The combo can be hand-carried or transported by a single person in a vehicle, by air or over water to anywhere communications are needed.

A communication suite that aids response and recovery for hurricanes, wildland fire, search-and-rescue and event management and ensures business continuity during natural disasters.
  • FirstNet cellular range up to a ½ mile
  • Wi-Fi range up to 500 feet
  • High-speed satellite internet 3
  • FirstNet MegaRange HPUE (high power user equipment) connectivity
  • FirstNet Ready® router
  • Up to 2 hours of onboard power
  • 12 VDC vehicle and AC power cables included
  • Easily deploy at the heart of an incident
  • Weatherproof and NEMA 3 compliant
  • Can be hand-carried and checked on commercial flights
  • Works in 50 states, DC, PR and USVI; Pacific Territories coming in late 2023

CRD™ vs. miniCRD™

miniCRD™ for FirstNet®: Virtual Product Demo

Rescue42’s Tim O’Connell provides a demonstration of the miniCRD™ for FirstNet®.

miniCRD™ for FirstNet®: FirstNet® Product Demo

Shannon Browning, a section chief for FirstNet Response Operations Group, demonstrates how the miniCRD is set up and used. Click here to view the video.

Risk Management

High Speed Internet Connections for Business Continuity, Temporary Coverage and Disaster Recovery Programs

SatRunner keeps you online and in operation during internet outages due to:

  • Local transmission cable damage
  • Flooded utility vaults, fire or infrastructure damage
  • Local vandalism, terrorism, hacking or other human caused interruption
  • Loss of solo pathway connections with or without a cellular failover capability
  • Natural disasters and terrestrial system overload – Cellular systems are unreliable in disasters and instantly overloaded by cellular calls, texts and video streaming

Control Your Own Destiny

Be ready with your own solution—one that you control and that works when disaster or temporary interruption strikes. Avoid the costly losses of downtime:

  • Damaged/severed customer relationships
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost cashflow and profits
  • Incremental operating costs
  • Idled salaried workforce
  • Disaster recovery expense
  • Supply chain failure
  • Inability to manage cash, payroll, etc.
  • Loss of critical cloud-based services
  • Loss of contact with employees and stakeholders

With SatRunner: You’re Back Online in 15 Minutes

  • Add SatRunner to your BC/DR plan and end reliance on over-subscribed service providers
  • Capacity to serve typical voice and data needs of of up to 150 simultaneous office users
  • Provides redundancy for your voice and data systems – multiple pathways to the internet
  • Features both high speed terrestrial and satellite connections
  • Multi-tasker…a fixed location and deployable backhaul system in one unit
  • Much cheaper than dual fiber pathway connection installation and on-going fees
  • Fast payback for typical size business or public offices
  • Simple and intuitive to operate
  • Requires little training and periodic assurance testing
  • Stores indoors and rolls through any ADA compliant doorway, elevator and most ramps

>>View SatRunner Details & Specs

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