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Operation of Rescue 42 Deployables requires a minimum baseline knowledge of the individual components that come with the unit. Rescue 42 offers an On-Site Training to teach your team the fundamentals required to operate your Deployable. The training will be specific to your individual system to offer full autonomy to deploy and operate the unit in the field.

  • Up to 4 hours at your specified location.
  • Training to cover individual systems operation, transporting and storing, and basic troubleshooting.
  • Up to 10 personnel per training.
  • Training documentation and resources to be provided.
Trainings Included:
  • Loading & Unloading from a Vehicle
  • Stabilizing the Deployable
  • Mast and Antenna Deployment
  • Initial Setup
  • Satellite Deployment
  • Wireless Access and Networking
  • Function Test
  • Depowering Unit
  • Q&A
  • Required Maintenance

On-Site Training Plan

  • Scheduling availability – Two-week standard turnaround
  • Service/Support and Training Plans in Hawaii or Alaska must call Rescue 42 for a quote
  • Rush training for requests less than 2 weeks out require an additional fee
  • Back to back training or training for teams greater than 10 people will require an additional charge

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