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The Shark Collapsible Step Cribbing

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The Shark™ Collapsible Step Chock will save critical storage space on your rig for more important life saving equipment. Its innovative design is taller than most traditional step chocks, collapses to 5½" and is designed to nest together when stored for further space savings. You can fit 4 Sharks™ in less space than 2 wood or plastic chocks require.

The Sharks™ tough steel construction meets the 2:1 height to base ratio requirement while positive grip teeth on the steps bite into anything they come in contact with. The Sharks™ base-plate accepts ratchet straps or pickets to prevent slipping in icy or muddy rescue conditions.

  • Shark™ Large (SRK-L2): The Large Shark™ is intended for rescue companies that regularly use step cribbing. At 16½" tall, it can stabilize most high clearance vehicles.
  • Shark™ Junior (SRK-JR): NEW! The Shark™ Junior is a perfect pairing with the TeleCrib® Junior All-in-One Strut for first due Engine crews. 12" tall, the pair nest together and include a shoulder strap for easy carrying.


  • Collapsible & stackable for compact storage
  • Taller than most traditional step chocks
  • Can be used upside-down as a wedge
  • Meets 2:1 height to base ratio for safety
  • Positive grip teeth bite into rocker panels, boards and road surfaces
  • Can be used as a wheel chock
  • Easy to clean & decontaminate
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Vehicle stabilization
  • Picket(CTC-520): 1" diameter x 3.5' long x 2 ¾" head – Good to use when other anchor systems are not available. Can be driven through picket holes in the Shark™ baseplate to secure cribbing to the ground
  • Ratchet Strap(CTC-504): 27' long, 10,000 lb test/3,330 lb working load. Can be used to secure 2 Sharks™ together (under a vehicle) to prevent slipping or to the vehicle itself.

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5,000 Lb Working / 10,000 Lb Test Load 2:1 safety factor

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19 lbs/each
26 lbs/each