Rock Solid


TELECRIB® STRUTS provide the most advanced stabilization so you can protect your Crew and occupants during extrication.

Compact and made from a hi-tech composite material which includes Kevlar® fiber, TELECRIB® STRUTS are half the weight of steel struts and 4X as strong.

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Glass Cutter

THE RIPPER removes laminated side windows in less than 10 seconds. 17 million new vehicles per year will have laminated glass side windows. Window punches will not work! Will you be prepared when seconds matter?

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Better Together

Strut + Cribbing

Designed for Engines/Pumpers, the TeleCrib® Jr Strut and Shark™ Jr Chock are a powerful, yet compact stabilization solution for Fire Due Responders.

Secure a vehicle in minutes for basic extrication and patient care.

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Struts in Action

Real Life Heroes

First Responders on scene send us their photos of collisions and rollovers using Rescue 42 equipment for stabilization and extrication. Check out our real-life Struts in Action, and the heroes who use them in the field.

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Vehicle Stabilization

Struts 101

In talking with Rescuers around the world, I often ask this question: “What is your primary job at a motor vehicle accident with a trapped victim?” They most often respond with: "Get the tools and get the victim out.”

They are, of course, wrong. Yes, extrication is an important part...

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Shark Cribbing

Available in 2 sizes - the LARGE SHARK™ deploys to 16" for high clearance vehicles, SHARK™ JUNIOR to 12". Both collapse to 5" and nest for compact storage.

You can fit 4 SHARKS™ into less space than 2 wood or plastic chocks require.

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Cell Tower

The CRD for FirstNet® generates an area of FirstNet Cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, virtually anytime and anywhere. Your very own Cell-On-Wheels (COW) can be deployed by a single person, within minutes, wherever needed!

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Successful Vehicle Extrication Starts with the Right Stabilization Equipment

The World's Most Advanced Cribbing

Designed to Help You Save Lives

Protecting your Crew and occupants during vehicle extrication starts with the right equipment. For 25 years we have been designing and manufacturing the world's most advanced cribbing. Our tools are sold in all 50 states by exclusive, specialized Dealers who are ready to help you find the right equipment for your Department.

For over two decades, Fire Departments have trusted Rescue 42 for innovative rescue equipment. An ever-increasing demand for safer, more compact vehicle stabilization equipment led to our developing the TeleCrib® Struts, Junior, and the Shark™ Collapsible Step Cribbing.  Made from the strongest, most advanced composite material, the TeleCrib® Struts are 4X stronger than steel struts and about half the weight.

Our Rescue 42 Team has a deep commitment to quality and customer service. We take enormous pride in that all of our products are manufactured in the USA. Developed by a Firefighter for Firefighters, our rescue struts and extrication support products are guaranteed to meet the rigorous needs of the fire-rescue world.

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Choose the Industry's Leader

Rescue 42’s commitment to innovation ensures that First Responders have the most technologically advanced tools to support their extrication challenges. With vehicle crashes on the rise, extrication has become one of the most frequent calls in the fire-rescue service. Rescue 42 is committed to assisting Departments with high quality stabilization tools to support rapid and safe patient extrication. Our Rescue 42 Team is here to help! For questions about our tools, stabilization techniques, sales and demos, please contact us at (888) 427-3728 or You may also request a free catalog and instructional videos using our online form.

Because Seconds Matter

When it comes to extrication, seconds count. Extrication needs to be done quickly, but also safely and properly so that you, your Crew and the vehicle occupants are out of harm's way.  Whether stabilizing a vehicle or removing laminated side windows to access a trapped patient, our equipment helps you when seconds matter.

Tools Designed to Save Lives

Having the right fire and rescue equipment allows First Responders to stabilize the scene in a matter of minutes. This ensures the victim has the best possible chances of survival, and durable, reliable equipment keeps you safe. This means you and your Crew can do your job confidently, knowing that your rescue gear and equipment will not fail you.

We Know. We've Been There.

As a First Responder, you face the most harrowing situations. When it comes to saving lives in the most critical conditions, proper equipment and timing matters. Successful vehicle extrication shouldn't have to be hard.  Our equipment is designed by a Firefighter for Firefighters. Out Team wants to help you do your job right. For any sales questions or inquiries, contact us today or reach out to one of our exclusive Dealers.